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Cathay Pacific Airways : Products & Services

Cathay Pacific Airways is an airline that caters to millions of passengers through out the world flying any of its 112 destinations. The website of Cathay Pacific Airways offers an easy and convenient way to book tickets online. Cathay Pacific Airways helps its customers reserve or buy tickets along with the option of checking in online which makes air travel ever so convenient. The website of Cathay Pacific Airways also displays new offers and promotions that may be of good use to travelers who wish to cash on such deals. Cathay Pacific Airways has always placed quality of service the highest. The airline operates a class system much like other airlines and is as follows:

  • First class: This is the premier category and pride of the airline. The airline offers the best of the best in terms of service, food and entertainment. Each first class seat is made to become a lie in bed and has its own 17inch Lcd for private viewing of selected programing offered.

  • Business class: A step below the first but not so far. It is considered one of the best in this category among rivals. This category offers a good balance between privacy and openness.

  • Premium Economy class: This is a category that is better than the regular economy and provided a dedicated check in line at the airport along with more leg room than the original economy class seats.

  • Economy class: This is the staple of the airline and is the most booked. The airline promises to provide a better service in this category than its rivals and ensures much more personal space and on demand entertainment.

All in all the services and products provided by the airline's website are quite satisfactory and the consumer confidence is quite high making Cathay Pacific Airways the best choice when traveling.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Company Background

Cathay Pacific Airways was founded by Roy Farrel and Sydney de Kantzow in 1946. It was initially based in Shanghai, China but moved base to Hong Kong. IN 1948 Swire Group took over company management when it purchased a 45% share of the company. With it came a new style of management that has led to the exponential growth of the airline. Today the airline boasts a fleet of 135 aircraft and flies to 112 destinations. The airline has its registered office at One Pacific Place, Hong Kong and its headquarter is at the Hong Kong International Airport.

In the 66 years of its operations, the airline has seen a lot of changes and has managed to plan for such changes effectively and efficiently. The processes of re-branding and moving forward with technology has been handled well by the management and today Cathay Pacific Airways is one of the leading airlines of South East Asia.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Consumer feedback for the company is nothing less than sheer praise. The efforts put in by sales, advertising and logistics is quite commendable. The airline also provides great in-flight service and the catering is top notch.

A passenger Morgan Owen writes “ Check-in at SYD was speedy and smooth, used the Qantas business lounge which is usually ok. Flight to HKG was smooth with an efficient and pleasant team attending to us.”.

Another tombarnes writes “The service on Cathay Pacific is not far behind that of rival Singapore Airlines. They deserve to be near the top of the list.”.

Consumer confidence is on a high due to the quality of services provided by Cathay Pacific Airways and can be measured by the praise it has received from passengers that have provided reviews its services.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company has a US presence and is rated by BBB as F ; being the lowest. The company has had 17 closed complaints in the last 3 years and 7 complaints closed in the last 12 months. Upon closer inspection most of the problems reported were with the company's services. Bearing in mind the company has millions of passengers using its services in the US alone so 17 or so complaints in the last 3 years really does not shatter the company's image.

The airline strives to exceed consumer expectation but in the field of commercial aviation a lot of unforeseen variables come into play, giving a rise to complaints and grievances. The airline ensures the best of its services and can be deemed credible.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global rank of 7,183 and a Hong Kong rank of 104. Google Page Rank gives it a 7 out of a possible 10. Compete gives the website a rank of 24,073 and a unique monthly visitor number of 78,122. It ranks the website at number 2 among its competition.

Analysis of the data ensures the website's growing popularity and market leadership.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Social Media Presence

The company has used social media to its advantage and has utilized it to maximize web presence and brand image. On the micro blogging site twitter, the company uses the user name @cathaypacific which has 35,859 followers and has tweeted 4,658 times. The company uses this outlet to answer direct consumer queries effectively and efficiently. The company also has its presence on YouTube where it is followed closely. The Facebook page of the company has 174,328 likes and uses it to promote brand and advertise promotions.

The company has used social networking to its fullest and ensures its dominance on this platform.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Website Security & Safety

Google Safety Diagnostics suggests no malicious software or viruses were found in the last 90 days. The website is secured by using the best security protocols such as HTTPS and SSL to make browsing sessions secure and smooth. The website has not been reported for installing unwanted software without user approval in the last 90 days. It is safe to say the website provides the required safety to make the website operate smoothly.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Pricing & Packages

The pricing depends upon destinations and level of service selected by a passenger. Different people have different requirements so prices will be different. For example a round trip from Los Angeles to Hong Kong costs $6,294.58. The prices offered are cheaper than the competition rest assured especially on the sectors that Cathay Pacific Airways has a significant dominance.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Shipping Rates & Policies

The website does not ship hence no shipping rates are applicable.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Payment Methods Accepted

The airlines lets its customers use a wide array of credit cards for online transactions. Amex, MasterCard, Visa, JCB and Diners Club are acceptable forms of credit cards that the airline accepts online. The company has a secure website and uses the strictest of security protocols to ensure the easiest of transactions.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Refunds are offered on e-tickets that are booked on the website for the airline. The airline offers refunds with in 7 working days in the US sector and within 14 days in other sectors. The airline is a reputable company and has millions of passengers using the service. It would certainly ensure that the refund process goes through as smooth as its other processes.

Cathay Pacific Airways : Product images & screenshots
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